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We are a wellness and self-empowerment publisher and principally serve the survival information needs of those interested in the future. Please be sure to bookmark our site and to tell others about us.

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Surviving the Planet X Tribulation: A Faith-Based Leadership Guide

Complete Danjeon Breathing SystemFull Color

This leadership guide is written for faith-based survival community leaders and those who are in awareness. It presents a non-violent strategy for enlightened continuity and comfort for those in survival villages of 100 or more people. Those who trust their inner guidance know that they must quickly take action if they are to lead their flocks to safety. They must prepare to be decisive during the last possible window of opportunity and to make ready for what is coming.

For Those in Awareness

Know this — you are in awareness because God intends for you to be part of the solution. Your role is to be that of a mentor, comforter, and teacher during the tribulation. Read and study this book thoroughly to prepare for your true mission. Then, when a spiritual leader you admire and respect sees the same clear and present danger as you, your path is simple. Hand that leader this book as you say, “You need a plan, and this is the plan that will work for what is coming. Please read it, and if you have any questions, I am always at your service.”  Learn More

Danjeon Breathing for Wellness

Complete Danjeon Breathing SystemThere are no panaceas, but if you're looking for an inexpensive option for managing many of the common aches and complaints of age, we offer a proven system of personal wellness dating back nearly 2,000 years.

It's called Danjeon Breathing and this self-healing energy art offers a gentle way to re-energize and oxygenate the body, while calming the mind.

Our approach is simple. We begin by teaching you how to do it using standardized exercise programs for clarity, health and stamina. Then we teach you how to easily personalize your own exercise plan and to help others do the same.

Our self-paced, home study system is a buy it once solution for life. All it takes is twenty minutes a day, anywhere and anytime you want. Get Started Today


Being In It for the Species: The Universe Speaks

Being In It for the Species: The Universe SpeaksThe timing of this book is no accident, for humanity now stands upon the precipice of a long and grueling tribulation. However, it will not be a hopeless suffering, because in the midst of this chaos, there will come a rare opportunity for us to free ourselves from the shackles of species bondage once and for all.

To help humanity seize this opportunity in a loving and decisive way, the Guides, those who reside in the presence of the Creator as enlightened beings, share the signs and events of what is to come so we may survive. Theirs is a soul-fulfilling message to all of humankind. Do not yield your lives to fear, dismay and hopelessness, but rather, survive through knowledge, integrity and spiritual strength.

This edition come with our Planet X 101 Series 3-disc DVD Set. Featuring over three hours instruction, each of the five programs in this series build one upon the other for seamless, quick immersion learning experience. Learn More


Home Study System

Home Study SystemThe Home Study System value package is designed for those seeking a complete mind and body knowledge system. The cornerstone of the system is Being In It for the Species. It maps the difficult years ahead but in a way that moves you from a survival paradigm of fear to a more endurable paradigm of love through personal empowerment.

Then, with the complete Danjeon Breathing System, you'll learn an ancient self-healing art designed to keep healthy survivors healthy.

The Kolbrin Bible offers insights and knowledge about the past, because understanding how our ancestors survived past cataclysms offers us a vital survival advantage for the years to come.

This value package also features a wide range of video and audio media to help you get our home studies off to a quick and confident start. Learn More

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