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Danjeon Breathing for Survival - Low-impact Exercises

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Master Roar Sheppard
Instructor Paula-Anne Damaskinos
Marshall Masters

Self-paced, Simple, Safe and Effective

Ideal for survival health, this ancient Korean self-healing energy art is South Korea's not so secret national secret and now it's yours. In just twenty easy minutes a day, you can experience a gentle way to re-energize and oxygenate the body, while calming the mind.

The Low-impact exercise DVD comes with three exercise programs, for clarity, health, and stamina. Each program takes approximately 20 minutes to complete. For seniors with the common aches and complaints of age, it is the most affordable way to begin enjoying the benefits of Danjeon Breathing.

When you feel ready to customize your own exercise program or to teach others, our trainer reference system DVDs offers 57 different, low-impact, universal and high-impact poses with helpful teaching and diagnostic tips.

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