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Planet X 101 Copyable DVD No. 3

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Our Planet X 101 series offers comprehensive information about the approach of the Planet X system and what that means for humanity in the years to come.

Based on science, hard data and years of observations, this is the fastest and simplest way to immerse yourself in the topic.

Watching the complete series takes approximately 3.5 hours and the depth of information presented is the equivalent of a personal research effort, of three years or more.

Pole Shift
June 8, 2014 [0:50:00]

For those new to the topic, this program offers recent observations of the Planet X system bodies, the Nemesis brown dwarf and its outermost orbital, Planet X. It offers a clear and comprehensive overview of the celestial mechanics involved in the coming pole shift a how these two bodies in space will gain a lithosphere lock on the outer skin of our planet, thereby causing a great tribulation for Earth.

Proof of Nibiru
June 17, 2014 [19:29]

As they used to say in WWII, “if you're not taking flak, you're not over the target.” There is no doubt that the series is over the target because debunkers are throwing up everything they can, including the kitchen sink. In this video, Marshall debunks these debunkers with the very science and facts they do not want you to know.

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