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Being In It for the Species (Paperback)

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Being In It for the Species:
The Universe Speaks
The Tribulation Cycle Revealed
When to Prepare and For What

Signed Paperback (7.5" x9.25")
318 Pages, 56 Ill., 13pt Body Type
Marshall Masters

The timing of this book is no accident, for humanity now stands upon the precipice of a long and grueling tribulation. However, it will not be a hopeless suffering, because in the midst of this chaos, there will come a rare opportunity for us to free ourselves from the shackles of species bondage once and for all.

To help humanity seize this opportunity in a loving and decisive way, the Guides, those who reside in the presence of the Creator as enlightened beings, share the signs and events of what is to come so we may survive. Theirs is a soul-fulfilling message to all of humankind. Do not yield your lives to fear, dismay and hopelessness, but rather, survive through knowledge, integrity and spiritual strength.

The intention of our Creator, is that we survive, thrive and reach the stars as an enlightened and peaceful, spacefaring race. The path will be difficult for sure, but the destination is what Being In It for the Species is all about.

The conclusions and statements made in this book are not the author’s nor those of the research team who assisted him in the preparation of this book. They are statements and answers from the Guides, those in the spiritual world who would see humanity in awareness and preparedness. Exclusive
Includes Planet X 101 Series DVDs

Five Programs on Three Discs

This edition come with our Planet X 101 Series 3-disc DVD Set. Enjoy them today, but be sure to set them aside for a tomorrow when everyone will be standing out in the street alongside their family, friends and neighbors. A day when they'll collectively be pointing up at the sky as fear clutches their throats. Not because of what they see, but because they know they are not prepared for what they see.

This is when you get out those stacks of blank DVD-R recordable discs you set aside and start burning copies of the Planet X 101 Series 3-disc DVD Set. Featuring over three hours instruction, each of the five programs in this series build one upon the other for seamless, quick immersion learning experience. The result is that they distill months if not years of personal study, into a few, simple-to-follow hours of video instruction. Remember, always share them freely.

BEING-PB1 Contents (1 Book / 3 DVDs)

  • Being In It for the Species (Signed Paperback)
  • Planet X 101 DVD Series (3 DVD Set)

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