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Radio Free Earth Premier Special Edition (Paperback)

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Premier Special Edition – Exclusive

Marshall Masters
Duane W. Brayton

Radio Free Earth: Community Preparedness
and Two Way Radios

Buying radio technology you need but do not understand, is a big impediment to creating an affordable consumer (CB/SSB CB/FRS/GMRS) and amateur (MF/HF/VHF/UHF) two-way radio survival network.

Written for newbies, the high-level and tactical concepts presented in this book offer a simple path for visioning, leading and supervising the creation of an effective survival communications strategy.

For two-way radio technology professionals, this book offers a way to bridge the gap with technically challenged community leaders. You can establish common ground and help them to begin the vital task of deploying radio technology instead of wasting time and money.

If you've never used two-way radios, when you finish reading this book, you will know where to begin, what to buy, when to buy it and who needs to use it.

Exclusive Offer – Expires August 31, 2018

This is a collectible edition, and you must place your order by September 5, 2018. The books will ship in the later half of September. Here is what you get:

  • Collector Edition: Each book will be personalized (using the ship-to address recipient), signed and numbered. Numbers are assigned in order of purchase.

  • Choice of Paperback or Hardcover: This 8” x 10” book is 498 pages long and features 112 color illustrations.  The 13 point body text is easy on old eyes.

  • Library Grade Printing: Radio Free Earth special editions feature heavier, library-grade paper stock for greater durability and readability.

  • Radio Free Earth Embroidered Patch: The official Radio Free Earth graphic used for this patch, which is featured on the front cover of the book. ($7.50 value)

  • Enrollment in our Radio Free Earth Knowledge Exchange: A full chapter in the book is devoted to sharing survival knowledge with reliable HAMs. ($10.00 value)

The standard editions will be available through online booksellers after September 15, 2018. These editions will have the same retail price and will be printed on standard trade paper stock.

RFE-PB-SE Contents (1 Paperback / 1 Embroider Patch / 1 Enrollment)

  • Radio Free Earth Paperback: Personalized, Numbered and Signed

  • Radio Free Earth 3.5” Embroidered Patch

  • Community Enrollment – Radio Free Earth Knowledge Exchange. Issued when your order ships.

NOTE: This order is for a personalized product and is non-refundable. 

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