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Win-Win Survival Handbook (Signed Special Edition Hardcover)

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Signed Edition – Exclusive

Win-Win Survival Handbook: All-Hazards Safety and Future Space Colonization

Marshall Masters
First Edtion – January 2021

Case Laminate 8" x 10"
436 Pages – 123 Illustrations

Prepare for Cooperation – Not Confrontation

Everything we're taught about surviving the "end-of-life-as-we-know-it" is wrong, according to Win-Win Survival Handbook author, Marshall Masters, and here is why:

The conventional Plan A is about building to fail and playing the odds. When the odds do not pan out, Plan B is about huddling in a box in the ground, eating dead food, and wondering what comes next.

With a Win-Win, you build for continuity of life so that, while others are hitting walls, you're going over speed bumps. Your Plan B is the noble and life-affirming mission to prepare your progeny to colonize distant worlds.

This book guides you through the development process with detailed instructions for designing, building, and shielding communities for self-sufficiency, survival, and colonization.

For those interested in starting a Win-Win, Marshall's first advise is, build your community around veterans and first responders. Not only for their skills, but more importantly, for their love of God and comradery.

In a country blessed with Win-Wins, there will always be hope for the future; no matter what comes our way.

About the Author

Marshall Masters is a retired Silicon Valley systems engineer, and since 1999 he has authored several books on survival and space threats. In 2015, he attended an Ed Dames remote viewing class and viewed himself and others surviving a future catastrophe together.

Inspired to build what he viewed, he started crisscrossing the USA in search of suitable survival regions and solutions. Marshall intensively studied the 21st-century technologies necessary to shelter and feed communities and shares a comprehensive solution for the common man in this work.

WWSH-HC1 Contents (1 Paperback / 2 PDF eBooks)

  • Win-Win Survival Handbook (Signed Hardcover)
  • Survival Wellness Advocacy and the BIG WIN: (PDF eBook)
  • Two Suns in the Sky (PDF eBook)

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