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Win-Win Survival Communities (Signed Paperback)

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Signed Edition – Exclusive

Win-Win Survival Communities: Prepare for Cooperation – Not Confrontation

Marshall Masters
First Edtion – March 2020

Prepping is about bullets, beans, and bunkers. After life as-we-know-it ceases to exist, where will this survival strategy get you? You’ll be huddling in a cold concrete box, eating dead food, and living in fear of the future. Is there a better way? Yes, it is called a win-win survival community, and for the first time in history, technology and finance make it possible.

This book offers a completely new survival plan, a road map to win-win success for the common man. Continuity of life is the goal, and the most significant benefit of this strategy is that you’re cruising over speed bumps as others hit a wall. Why? Because you prepared for cooperation – not confrontation.

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A Survival Plan for the Common Man

It all starts with a proven strategy for success. You surround yourself with good people, those you can trust to protect you. This is why this plan is precisely a win for the haves and the have-nots alike. Yes, strength in numbers and technology are essential, but comradery is above all else. If one imagines a win-win community as a sturdy concrete structure, comradery is the mortar that unites the bricks, hope for the future.

With such strength, we can survive to colonize, and in turn colonize to survive. This longer range view gives win-win families the will to endure the worst that man and nature can throw at them. Consequently, in good times and in bad, they will arise each morning, refreshed by the eternal hope that their progeny will survive, thrive, and go to the stars as pioneers.

This book walks you through the real estate development process from inception to escrow closing. It includes detailed process instructions for designing, building, and shielding underground concrete domes for survival. Domes are the most survivable type of concrete structure known to man.

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