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Surviving the Planet X Tribulation Supplemental Audio CDs

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A cornerstone concept presented in our book, Surviving the Planet X Tribulation: A Faith-based Leadership Guide, is the use of concrete domes as strong, safe, rapid deployment structures.  Domes are an ancient, time-tested design and offer durable survivability for both single family and multifamily shelters.

In the book author Marshall Masters presents three different dome construction methods, layered brick like Inuit igloos, and two different methods for creating concrete dome structures.  The first is the interior form method used at Arcosanti in central Arizona.  The second is an exterior form method developed by David B. South of Monolithic Domes in Paris, Texas.

This supplemental audio CD set includes two Cut to the Chase interviews.  Marshall interviews Arcologist Erin Jeffries about the Arcosanti method on Disc 1 and David B. South of Monolithic Domes about the Monolithic method on Disc 2.

Disc No. 1:  Low-Tech Arcosanti Domes

Arcologist Erin Jeffries of Arcosanti, Arizona introduces the city's novel, low-tech approach to constructing dwellings and communities.  

Disc No. 2:  High-Tech Monolithic Domes

In this strategic planning interview with Monolithic Dome co-inventor and CEO, David B. South you'll learn a faster high-tech approach to building concrete domes.

SPXGCD2 Contents (2 Copyable Audio CDs)

  • Disc No. 1 Low-Tech Arcosanti Domes with Arcologist Erin Jeffries
  • Disc No. 2 High-Tech Monolithic Domes with Inventor, David B. South
  • Free Two Suns in the Sky PDF eBook

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