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Our church was founded in 2015 by spiritual thinkers to benefit like-minded individuals who shared our common goal which is to survive the coming Planet X tribulation and serve the meek so that humanity ultimately claims its God-given right and becomes a truly free species. We are in service to those with enlightened spiritual views.

Knowledge Mountain is an online community for those aware of the catastrophes to come.

Our Teachings

Purposeful Survival for an Enlightened Future

Our reincarnation teachings are based on universal truths for those in awareness about the coming Planet X tribulation.

  • We are always happy to explain our beliefs, but we never proselytize.
  • We are not an exclusionary faith. Keep your core faith and use our teachings to fill in the gaps in your present belief system.
  • We always encourage members to join with local houses of faith.

Our online church forum is for members only. We do not share our lists with anyone. Members may not proselytize, solicit, or promote services and products.

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