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Planet X Convergence - Nemesis, Haiti and La Palma (26-Sep-21)
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September 26, 2021 – $15.00

3 PM to 5 PM Eastern

Planet X Convergence - Nemesis, Haiti and La Palma
1ST Hour – Marshall's Illustrated Two-Part Zoom presentation
2nd Hour – Open Q&A with Marshall

This conference begins with the Planet X trajectory and timeline findings derived from the Signs series database developed by Marshall and researcher J.P. Jones. 

Marshall will explain heightened concerns for major impact events later this year.

Then, he will describe a serious harbinger event for those who live on the West Coast: The magnitude-7.2 earthquake in Haiti, where the death toll now exceeds 2,100.  Marshall will use J.P. Jones’s Nazca Nexus theory to explain why the Haiti quake is a cause for concern.

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PXC01 $15.00Planet X Convergence No. 1 – Nemesis and Haiti (5-Sep-21)